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Configure your Wacom Settings

First, install your pen tablet drivers from the included CD or from Wacom's site. If you don't install the drivers, your Wacom may work like a mouse, but it won't be fully operational.

The default settings that come with Wacom tablets are not very good for this, so you'll need to change them. Find your operating system below and follow the instructions.


You may also be interested in a very detailed list of instructions for disabling more of the Tablet PC Input features that show up when you connect a Wacom tablet to Windows 7 or 8.


  • System Preferences > Other > Wacom Tablet > Grip Pen
    • Set Tip Double Click Distance to the smallest setting, or it will cause problems with small squigs!
    • Tip Feel: controls how thick your Skritter strokes are. You can play around with this depending on how firmly you normally press. This will cause recognition problems if set too soft or too firm. Too soft and it will cause too many wiggly bits at the beginnings/ends of squigs. Too firm and you'll lose parts of your squigs. Two ticks away from "softest" is what Nick uses.
    • Mapping: Pen Mode. You can also limit the writing area to a portion of the screen here.


You may not need to configure anything. If you do, it might be a trick. Lurks has written a guide to setting up Wacom on Ubuntu. This didn't work for sonorier, who got it working eventually. The Wacom Linux Project site may also be able to help.