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A couple of stupid queue questions.

Mandarinboy   November 21st, 2010 6:48p.m.

Tried to find my answers in the forum but not really been able to get full understanding here.

- Is there a limit how many new items there can be at any given time? Yesterday i did add a lot of words and studied for a few hours. I took that down and started to over practice to under 80% due. Today when i start again i get tons of new words that i expected yesterday. How is this working? Why did I not have them yesterday?

- If i click on any words in the example sentences and find a new nice word to add i mark the plus signs. Will this new word be added directly to my study or end up in my by now very large queue? I can't find them in either but the lists are big by now.

- How to add words from only the queue? I have tried to turn off all other lists but then nothing is added from the queue at all unless i choose to automatically add. I would like to add as many chars as i choose.

- Remove from study. I add new lists from Chinesepod and some words (usually persons name etc)I do not like to study so i like to mark them not study. This is not working. When and where can i do that and it works? For now i have to wait for it to show up and then mark it as not study. It works but it would be easier if I could mark all the character in a list that I do not like to study.

-In many lists from Chinesepod the chars and words are coming up duplicated. Not really an problem since they will only be added once, more of an graphical issue i guess.

Finally an wish list. I have found that i know fare more writing than actual reading. It would be so nice to be able to get a flash card type test where I could choose .e.g only reading and just cram the whole queue when ever i like to. Now I export the list to Anki and do that. It works but it would be better to have that in Skritter. Maybe something for the extra services I hope that you will start to sell in the future. Combining that reading with the example/own sentences and I would be so happy:-)

nick   November 22nd, 2010 3:59p.m.

Some of the new items you got the second day were likely different parts of words that you had gotten the first day. To avoid interference, they were pushed back a bit, so you saw them on the second day instead. Because of some vagaries of how this works, if you want to get all the new items the first day, you can try refreshing the practice page or doing another practice session later.

When you click the plus signs from the word popup, the items will go into your queue, unless you had already added them in the past, in which case they will just be reactivated.

Sounds like a bug if adding is not allowed with all lists paused (but stuff still in the queue). For now, you could pause the other lists, keep automatic adding on but on very slow, and still use the manual add button.

The soon-to-be-tested new version of the list page makes it more clear that "remove from study" only works on word you've already added. There is no way to do an ignore for future items you haven't added yet. You could either keep deleting words you don't want the first time you see them, select specific words you do want from the list and add them to your queue (thus bypassing the ones you don't want), or you could remix the ChinesePod lessons and delete the words you don't want from your copies of the lessons, then study those lessons.

Are these new lessons that the words are duplicated, or old ones? Can you link to some examples? You're right that it's just cosmetic, but it'd be good to see if we're doing it or the data we're getting from them are already duplicated.

I'm not sure I follow the wish list for reading parts. You could already turn your parts studying to just reading and study for as long as you like. Perhaps you can explain further what you'd like it to do? Thanks!

Mandarinboy   November 22nd, 2010 6:27p.m.

I am actually doing both of that. I did study for some 4 hours on Sunday split over at least 20 smaller sessions. Already after the first 10 i where under 100% due rate and still no new words or characters. I kept on going to under 80 % due. New browser sessions, cleaning my cach etc. No new words. Monday morning I did not add anything but i got 100+ new items to study, both new words and characters, readings etc. Not any big problem, I just do not understand how that works.

About Chinesepod, here are some lists with duplicates:

Sightseeing at Tiananmen Key Vocabulary
Sightseeing at Tiananmen Supplementary
Cat in the Hat Supplementary
Cell Phones Supplementary
Getting a Phone Number Supplementary
I Have Class Supplementary
So Tall! Supplementary

Yup, I am running through all of the Chinesepod lessons I have studied in the past:-) many, many small lessons there. I can't see those duplicates on the Chinesepod site.

nick   November 25th, 2010 10:57a.m.

Yeah, not sure what would have caused it except for the words being spaced out until the next day.

We'll check it out, although I'd guess it's just one of those things with how the data got shuffled over here. If the new lessons aren't getting it, then they've probably solved whatever was causing it already.

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