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"Starred Emphasis" Questions

lechuan   November 26th, 2012 2:03p.m.

Note: In my questions, "delay" refers to the time in between reviews for the same word/character.

1) What does the emphasis percent do to delay? (ie. does 100% half the usual delay? Which I will assume for my next question)

2) If I use "Starred Emphasis" in Avanced Study, how does that affect the delay of those starred words in regular study? (ie. If I get it write twice with starred emphasis at 100%, does that give the same delay as getting it right once in standard study?)

3) Would it be possible to make the advanced study screen remember the previous setting of the starred emphasis setting?

nick   November 26th, 2012 5:02p.m.

1) The starred emphasis 100% should make it such that a starred word is always preferred over a non-starred word, and among starred words, it should order them by which one you haven't seen the longest--not which one is most due.

The system isn't exactly able to follow that, since it might not have figured out which words are starred in time to load the first one or two, and it can't study different items for the same starred word or characters right after each other.

Values between 0% and 100% are a smooth continuum in the scheduling boost given to starred words. 5% is almost the same as 0% and you probably won't see any difference in scheduling (although performance will be slower, because it will still look for all your starred words).

2) The starred emphasis setting doesn't affect the future scheduling when you do a review. If you study a word twice in a row because of starred emphasis, the second review doesn't adjust the interval very much because it doesn't give much new information or a stronger memory. (If you get it wrong twice in a row, that's different: it'll cut the interval a lot each time you get it wrong in a row.)

3) One other person asked for this, so it's a possibility. What's the use case? I wanted the advanced study screen to not save any state so that it would be very clear that none of these settings are applied past the current advanced study session--they're not "advanced" "study options", but rather "advanced study" "options". Just worried people might set it once and then wonder why their starred words aren't showing up the next time.

lechuan   November 26th, 2012 6:32p.m.

Good to know about 2; I was mainly worried that if I overstudied starred words, that I would then not see them for a long time in the regular view, but not a problem. Thanks!

3) I was mainly thinking of using advanced study all the time so that I saw starred words more often. That's why I was hoping this would be a sticky option (When I first started using advanced study, I set it to 100%, exited to the main menu, then re-entered. I didn't realize it had reset back to 0%). That being said, I'm also thinking I may be better off just sitting down once in a while and studying my starred list instead of trying to rely on greater frequency to "drill it in".

Alan   November 27th, 2012 3:52a.m.

I think perhaps a single line of text might be a better way of reminding users that the "advanced" settings only apply to advanced study sessions.

nick   November 27th, 2012 4:02p.m.

Alan, that's a good idea--I'll add the line of text. I'm still not sure about making starred emphasis sticky when none of those other temporary Advanced Study settings would be, though.

Alan   November 27th, 2012 7:23p.m.

I think they all should be sticky, chances are my next Advanced study session will be more similar to my last than to the default.

I just got today's 2.0.1 update- made it through review so quickly!

lechuan   November 27th, 2012 7:31p.m.

Yes, all sticky or none :)

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